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(EN) Matt LANGRIDGE, Olympic Champion, World Champion, European Champion 

Excited to share with you the last conversation of year! This one, with one of UK’s most successful athletes, was special 🌟 Matt LANGRIDGE - Olympic Champion, World Champion, and European Champion - shared so many precious insights around his perspective on life, performance, leadership... all with so much authenticity 💝 Personally, I absolutely loved the openness of Matt during this conversation! Would love to know - What did you appreciate about what he shared ?

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(EN) Kurt COUTO, 4x Olympic Athlete, Mozambique

Kurt COUTO is a four-time olympian and he is heading towards his fifth participation, for the Tokyo 2020-1 Olympics.

(EN) Andrew LEWIS, Olympic Athlete & Personal Branding Coach and Don LA FOUCADE, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Andrew LEWIS and Don LAFOUCADE, two amazing people! Andrew is an Olympic Athlete currently preparing for the Tokyo games, and Don is an Inspirational and Motivational speaker...

(EN) Mary BUFFETT, Financial Expert, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur

Mary BUFFETT is a Financial Expert known for sharing Warren BUFFETT's secrets to investing. She is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur.

(EN) Joe JACOBI, Olympic Gold Medalist, Performance Coach

Joe JACOBI is an Olympic Gold Medalist. He has served as CEO of an Olympic & Paralympic organization. Today, he is a Performance Coach.

(EN) Kiiza S. HUSSEIN, SHK Law Attorneys Law Firm, World Youth Summit Organisation, Independent Consultant - UNICEF

Kiiza S. HUSSEIN is the Founder & Managing Partner of SHK Law Attorneys Law Firm. He is also the Director & Attorney General at the World Youth Summit Organisation...

(EN) Nyekachi DOUGLAS, Miss World Africa, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Int. Speaker

«Don’t let someone else’s definition, define who you are…» 🌟Excited to share with you the complete version of this conversation, with Nyekachi DOUGLAS, Miss World Africa 🎬

(EN) Robin BOOTH, Global Entrepreneurial Coach, Investor of the Year South Africa, Mega Entrepreneur of the Year South Africa

«Being in a daily rediscovery of ourselves creates endless possibilities...» 💎 Excited to share with you the complete version of this conversation, with Robin BOOTH🌟

(FR) Carole MONE, Echanges Economiques & Projets de développement Afrique

Carole MONE facilite les Echanges Economiques dans le cadre des Projets de Développement Afrique.

(FR) Willy BRAILLARD, Ancien Pilote de Course Automobile, Entrepreneur - "La compétion ne l'a jamais quitté, même avec lui-même"

Willy BRAILLARD est un entrepreneur, et ancien pilote de course automobile. Il a remporté plusieurs titres pendant de nombreuses courses internationales.

(FR) Tonjé BAKANG, Producteur, Entrepreneur, Fondateur Afrosteam, Coach & Mentor Business

Tonjé BAKANG est un Entrepreneur, Producteur, Coach & Mentor Business. Il a fondé Afrostream, pour la diffusion de contenus à destination de l’Afrique et de ses diasporas.

(FR) Philippe ARNAUD-MARQUIER, Entrepreneur, Dirigeant Fondateur MEDIALIGHT, Ancien Président Digital Réunion

Philippe ARNAUD-MARQUIER dirige MEDIALIGHT. Ancien Président de DIGITAL REUNION, il a contribué à la création du Forum International NxSE à La Réunion.

(FR) Jacopo AVOGADRO, Responsable des Opérations, Afrique Subsaharienne, Université de la Paix, Nations Unies

Jacopo AVOGADRO est Responsable des Opérations pour l'Afrique Subsaharienne, pour l'Université de la Paix, aux Nations Unies. Un parcours pluridisciplinaire, multiculturel, international, …

(EN) Tony AJAH, Entrepreneur, Business Growth Strategist, Author

Tony AJAH in an Entrepreneur, Business Growth Strategist, Author. He shares about the mindset he has had for years… «The earlier we fail, the faster we become who we are…»

(EN) Matt LANGRIDGE, Olympic Champion, World Champion, European Champion, Public Speaker

Matt LANGRIDGE is one of UK’s most successful athletes! Olympic Champion, World Champion, and European Champion - he shared many precious insights around his perspective on life!

Meet your host, Stella.

Stella Bida, your host for the Conversations of Excellence, is delighted to share with you the personal and open conversations she is having with some of the most generous leaders across the world!

Some of the values shared with these leaders includes:

  • Leadership and Transformation through our Being
  • Leading powerfully, yet from a space of openness and vulnerability
  • The importance of sharing our life experiences and lessons learned with others
  • The importance of little tiny growth steps in making massive transformational impact

She strongly believes that leaders who dare to share their own journeys with generosity are the ones who impact the most, and are creating some of the most phenomenal results in their communities.

Over the last years, she has spoken on global and international stages across Europe, Africa and the USA, including multiple TEDx stages. She has spoken live to +10,000 people, sharing the stage with Business tycoons and pioneers, celebrities, Olympic athletes, Oscar winning actors, as well as Heads of States and governments.

She has received multiple worldwide awards and recognitions for her dedication to helping others bring out the best of themselves, through an expression of their leadership. She has been awarded « New Leader for Tomorrow » by the Crans Montana Forum, with Former President of Mali Dioncounda Traore, and Belgium’s Minister of State Herman De Croo. Her work in empowering others has also led her story to being featured in the book "Gotha Noir" alongside worldwide influencers such as Naomi Campbell or Lewis Hamilton.

She also helps international corporations in their Change & Transformation projects. This has led her to partner with companies in industries such as Banking & Finance, Legal services, Management Consulting, or Information & Technology.

What matters to her today is to make Excellence and Success accessible. She wants to give back a sense of Hope and Worthiness, one person at a time.

Stella Bida