Managing Partner - SHK Law Attorneys Law Firm

Director & Attorney General - World Youth Summit Organisation

Independent Consultant - UNICEF

  • 03:35 Becoming a Lawyer: making my experience of my childhood meaningful
  • 07:40 Invest your time in what you are interested in
  • 11:40 The challenges of being a Human Being...
  • 14:40 As a leader, expose yourself to the challenges which surround you
  • 22:01 Dear 10 y.o, your insecurities are normal - there's a great life to live ahead

Stella BIDA, in conversation with Kiiza S. HUSSEIN, Founder & Managing Partner of SHK Law Attorneys Law Firm. He is also the Director & Attorney General at the World Youth Summit Organisation and an Independent Consultant for UNICEF

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Kiiza S. HUSSEIN is the Founder & Managing Partner of SHK Law Attorneys Law Firm. He is also the Director & Attorney General at the World Youth Summit Organisation, as well as an Independent Consultant for UNICEF.

STELLA BIDA: Hi everyone, today I’m welcoming Kiiza Hussein. He is an International Lawyer by profession, but he has so many other multiple hats in areas such as global peace, youth empowerment. I met Kiiza during my first TEDx Talk. Kiiza welcome to this conversation! 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN: Thank you so much Stella! I consider this as a great opportunity to meet you once again! I really appreciate this opportunity to join your platform. Thank you for having me.

STELLA BIDA: Is there anything else you would like people to know about you, before we deep dive into our conversation? 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN: My own country of birth is Uganda, but I live now in Rwanda, where I also work in different sectors. One of them is the Legal sector, for which I am the Founder & Managing Partner of the SHK Law Attorneys law firm.

I'm also a Global Goodwill Ambassador. I also work with the Commonwealth as a correspondent in Uganda and Rwanda, including the Commonwealth Youth Council. We have different areas we work on including the World Youth Summit, where I work as Attorney and also Director. All these platforms are meant to empower people, youth, women, children - to stand out and really take on some of the pressing challenges the world is facing. That's me in a nutshell. 

Becoming a lawyer: making my the experience of my childhood meaningful

STELLA BIDA: Kiiza, you put in a lot of dedication, time and energy with all these responsibilities – and you wear different hats. What is the underlying reason why you do so much? 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN: Thank you so much Stella for your wonderful question. Answering that question will take me some years back, when I was still a child. I was around four or five years old, when I used to see real big challenges within my community. For example, I would see people run away from our neighboring countries, trying to escape from conflicts to find peace. I always felt that they were being denied the peace of mind, the right to live in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Those are some of the challenges that I saw, and I thought that maybe growing up, I should be someone contributing to find solutions to some of these challenges. That's why perhaps, I was inspired to be a lawyer, because I thought I should really defend people's rights. 

Invest your time in what you are interested in

STELLA BIDA: At which point did you decide to transform the challenges that you have witnessed into something meaningful for the society? 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN: That's a really interesting question to ask! Because that question not only is required to be answered, but actually also many people have challenges. I would say that first of all, I had an interest in the challenges that I saw. When you have an interest in something, then you invest more time, you invest resources and you invest into acquiring the right knowledge and skills. 

The challenges of being a Human Being...

STELLA BIDA: What is the biggest lesson that you have learned about being a Human Being? 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN: Wow! Humanity has a challenge today. If we can honor the fact that we need to work together as People, and find solutions as People, then we can co-exist and live with each other. All of that with respect of one-another. By being kind, respectful and empathetic. 

As a leader, expose yourself to the challenges which surround you

STELLA BIDA: Kiiza, you are a great global leader. Which advice would you give to somebody who wants to start the path to leadership, in spite of all challenges? 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN: If you are already that person who always wants to identify solutions where other people don't seem to find any, then you are a leader. That itself is becoming a leader, because you are leading the way to a solution. I would recommend to follow your heart as a leader. Expose yourself to the challenges. Leaders are these people who are really exposed to challenges and dangers. You don't want to keep yourself inside the comfort of your home. Also, being a leader does not always mean that you have to be on the front line. You can also lead from behind.

This is my approach to leadership. I apply it both in business and in community projects, with the need to empower others to be the driving force. 

Dear 10 y.o, your insecurities are normal - there's a great life to live ahead

STELLA BIDA: Kiiza, if you had the opportunity to have a conversation with your younger self of 10 years old, what would you tell him? 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN: I can imagine that I would say: “Yes Kiiza, I understand you have these worries and insecurities as a child, which are normal to have”. I would also tell him that, regardless of these small challenges, there's a great life to live ahead. 

STELLA BIDA: Kiiza thank you so much for being part of these conversations and for sharing your different perspectives. It was an honor to have you today with us. 

KIIZA S. HUSSEIN:  It's been an honor to join your platform.


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